Successful Intro to Aikido Workshop, June 28, 2014

The lonely pathWe had a great, fun Intro to Aikido workshop on Saturday, June 28.

Six new people bowed on to the mat and all did really well. They all seemed to enjoy the practice as much as we enjoyed practicing with them.

We started with a brief history of Aikido, followed by warm-ups and kneeling roll practice. Then we practiced Tai No Henko, Katate Dori Sumi Otoshi, Ai Hanmi Katate Dori Kotegaeshi, and finished the class with a short weapons demonstration showing tanto, jo, and tachi dori.

My sincere thanks to the Kiryu Aikido students who participated and shared our wonderful dojo spirit with newcomers.

The journey of Aikido is traveled alone, but it cannot be accomplished without the accompaniment of others.

Arigatou gozaimashita, everyone.

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