1st Friendship Practice (Dec 11, 2010)

162912_10150109127845259_124526550258_7969506_6078615_nOver the past few years a group of dojos have been getting together for testing and seminars. A great idea came up to have a rotating schedule for us to share our Aikido and get together for practices once a month. We had out first friendship exchange/practice at Tanshinjuku on December 11, 2010.

Stephen Shaw Sensei from Tanshinju started out with warm-ups and some basic movements. I enjoyed these exercises that I had seen previously when Ito Sensei had taught these during a seminar. These were based off a tenkan movement and a basic kokyu movement. The nice part of this movement is that when you move into the kokyu movement you can take a large step and move your partner with your him.

After these warm-ups Victor Hung Sensei from Aikido of Colorado (Ft. Collins) taught us his style of ukemi. We all had a chance to try this and do our best to fall lightly and quietly (ok we tried at least). We all enjoyed this and worked on some techniques and fall with the ukemi that he taught.

The last class we had the treat of having Kei Izawa Sensei. Izawa sensei started out with angles of movement and how these angles can fight against your partners strength. Over the years practicing with Izawa sensei it is always amazing how he always hits the angle precisely and break your strength. Then you are on the ground. This practice was no exception. We all worked in lines to work on the big throws and falls.

It was a wonderful practice and was great to have everyone from all the dojos to practice with and help each other get down the path of Aikido.

– – Attending dojos (Tanshinjuku, Kiryu Aikido, Doushinjuku, Aikido of Colorado)

Andrew, Kiryu Aikido

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Kara StewartDecember 25th, 2010 at 11:31 am

It is a wonderful thing — our cross-dojo support and camaraderie. What a blessing to be able to share our love of Aikido with others, honoring and respecting the differences in our styles while embracing and celebrating the many commonalities.

Thanks to our Senseis for this opportunity and for your teaching! I look forward to the next practice at Kiryu Aikido and meeting up at other dojos in the coming months.

Happiest of holidays to everyone.

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