Kiryu Aikido Visits Tanshijuku (2/13)

kiryu_tanshinjuku_02132010Kiryu Aikido had the great opportunity to train and Aikikai Tanshinjuku last Saturday (2/13). We worked on gyakuhanmi katatedori techniques. Izawa sensei had us work on fist and formost by keeping our hands inside out center. Then by moving our centers and keepingizawa_blevins_02132010_011 our partner off balance we can throw our partners with power andĀ strength. Ā Also through moving our bodies in sync with the energy given us we need to not fight the direction, but move with it. It is always a pleasure and learning experience seeing Aikido in action and learning Izawa sensei’s distinctive style.

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Kara StewartFebruary 16th, 2010 at 6:39 pm

It is such a joy practicing with Tanshinjuku dojo, and I always learn so much. Thank you for the opportunity.

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