Moving dojo location (to Castle Rock)

doujou_1 This last week Kiryu Aikido has moved its dojo location to Castle Rock, Colorado. This includes us moving and also merging our programs with the current dojo and instructors at Castle Rock Aikido. This will enable us to train and teach more days a week than we currently are doing.

Along with this some of my students asked me to write a little about this move and what and if I thought about it. Kiryu Aikido has moved a few times in the last 5+ years, and usually it does not phase me too much. To me the dojo though important is a place to train our Aikido. If we have a nice, safe, comfortable dojo that is a bonus. However, I was taught a long time ago that every step that we take in life is our dojo, not just on the mat. At the core our Aikido training must be the main component.

Along with the idea of the physical dojo (mats, facilities, etc) the dojo also really is the students (sempai\kohai), the teachers, and the dojo culture. This we bring with us where ever we go. In this case there is already a nice group of students and teachers that we get to share and build this non-physical dojo component together. The tree with strong roots can survive a lot of things! I have seen a lot of people get pulled in by the exterior and physical aspects of a dojo without really looking at the core. Sometimes you have to judge the book by the cover. However, you must look deeper (as much as you can) to see the culture, the people and the instructors when making your choice to join (or try) a dojo.

So I am exited that we have a very nice facility that really helps get the students into the Japanese mindset and can focus on training. Along with that we can build the core non-physical dojo together and see where that takes us. It will be a nice journey. Come join us for practice some time!

Andrew Blevins
Kiryu Aikido

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Kara StewartJune 3rd, 2009 at 9:30 pm

Sensei, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the physical and non-physical dojo.

I recall a long time ago you shared the phrase: “hobo kore dojo, ” meaning something like “each step is my dojo.”

It’s been an idea I’ve kept in my heart since then and it makes a lot of sense in many ways. Life is my dojo and how I practice on the mat is how I practice off the mat. What I bring to my practice is what I bring to my life and vice versa, cuz in the end it’s all the same in my little way of thinking.

In my humble opinion, practicing is a blessing, no matter where, and when there are good, strong, quality people to share that time, wow, that’s pretty special. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead with new friends who share this path.


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