Historical Video Series (Anon Video 01)

Here is an old video clip of a tape I obtained in Japan. This is a very nice flowing technique with some powerful endings. I always liked this one as it had both of those elements along with the feeling that the nage is very based (stable) to the ground while still keeping his body moving. Also, he has a very interesting use of the hands.  Not sure who this is though.


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John PriceApril 30th, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Very cool. I wish the quality was better but it’s understandable with some of these old videos. I’d love to be able to see more detail in what’s going on though.

You’re right Sensei, the power and flowing movement come through loud and clear. And while everything happens quickly there’s a crispness about it too.

Thank you for sharing. I look forward to you posting more.


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