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I wanted to keep adding some Japanese to this blog as time moves forward. I thought a good way to get this started again was to just add some basic Japanese greetings.

  • – ohayou (Gozaimasu) : Good morning.
  • – konnichi wa : Good afternoon.
  • – konban wa : Good evening.

When you meet someone for the first time we usually say “Hajime mashite yoroshiku onegaishimasu”. Then the response would be “yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”. First “Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” traslated is something akin to “I humbly ask you to be kind to me”, but best for us to think of it as “Nice to meet you.”. The “Haime mashite” for the first time.

Meetings after that you would then start with the greetings above (depending on time of day) then add how are you. In Japanese this would be “Konnichiwa, ogenki desu ka?”. Translated literally this is how is your power or spirit. If you memorize this you could just respond back “genki desu.” I am fine. Here are some responses you could respond with. Remember if you travel to Japan even if we have a negative thought they don’t usually express it outright. It is a more subtle response.

(q) ogenki desu ka?

  • – genki desu : (I) am fine.
  • – watashi wa, genki desu. : I am fine.
  • – genki ja arimasen : I am not fine.
  • – watashi wa, ii desu. : I am good.

After greetings are done then you can start your conversation or questions to the person you are talking to.


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