Dojo Visit (Aikikai Tanshinjuku) – Dec 30, 2008

I had the nice opportunity to go and train at Izawa Senseis dojo (Aikikai Tanshinjuku) in Lafayette Colorado tonight. It was the last class of the year (Keiko osame) for them. Izawa sensei had some very interesting words about the day. First about keiko osame which to Japanese osame is the likes to putting away something. However, to put these thoughts and ideas aways you must look back at the year of what you did good and what you did that you can learn from of what not to do the next year.

The second idea I really enjoyed was the concept of “Ho-fu”. This is one word or idea for the american idea of new years resolution or goal. This is can be though of embracing new responsibilities (or carrying a load on your back). I like this thought or symbolism it made me think about when he brought that up. I think we as a society put to cheap a thought or concept into to the new years resolution. It may be that in America we tend to cheapen things that surround our holidays or maybe that because a lot of people have a hard time following through with their resolutions we don’t take it serious.

The thought of it being more of a responsibility we take either for ourselves or for others (family, friends) as a pack or weight on our back is interesting. It just made me think a little bit about some of the ideas I have each new year that approaches. With Aikido I always think about my direction and goals, and it helped me put it in a different light.

The class was a good last workout before the end of the year. Izawa sensei focused on movements to the outside of the grab, and we worked on a uchi tenkan (as we blended to the outside of the grab when then tenkan’ed with our centers in. I enjoy these movements and they sometimes are counter intuitive to the normal soto tenkan movements always turning to the outside. We then stepped back with the energy from the grab attack and blend and redirect to to the outside. From here we rotated the arm in a large circle to the throw. This type of move is a nice “Kanai Sensei” type move which I always try to learn and practice. These movements are very circular and have a lot of power contained with-in them. There is always so much to learn.

If you get some time you should try to visit Aikikai Tanshijuku (


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Kara StewartJanuary 4th, 2009 at 10:14 am

I’m really intrigued by the concept of Ho-fu. What a nice way to frame goals for the year, in terms of easing the burden a bit for others. Is that the right interpretation? I’d like to hear more about this idea.

With it and the theme of a movie I saw recently, “Seven Pounds,” I’m putting thought toward ways I might be able to help in various ways this coming year. Hmm….

John PriceJanuary 8th, 2009 at 1:24 pm

Sensei, can you elaborate more on the “Kanai Sensei” type of movement ?


AndrewJanuary 10th, 2009 at 11:18 pm

It is hard to explain. However, from some of the videos that I have seen and seeing some Aikido from his direct students you can see some very interesting differences in his style of Aikido. Along with his strong basics and traditional techniques there are very interesting hip movements and drop movements that go along with those basics.

I will try to find some videos on youtube and post some links up when I find some good examples.

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