Thoughts and Congratulations: Fall Testing, November 8, 2015


Kiryu Aikido, from left: Greg-san; Sr. Instructor Les S.; Andrew Blevins Sensei; Instructor Kara S.; Dave-san; Katie-san.

Kiryu Aikido participated in the biannual testing of our Colorado community of dojos  on Sunday, November 8, 2015. Again graciously hosted and overseen by Izawa Sensei and Tanshinjuku dojo, the test included students from three dojos.

From our dojo, Greg-san tested for Nikyu, and Katie-san and Dave-san tested for Yonkyu. All our students who tested showed solid techniques, great spirit, and zanshin.

Their martial spirit was evident. As Izawa Sensei shared with everyone after the test, Aikido is the way of peace, but it is a martial art first and foremost, and techniques must express martial spirit and intent, both from Nage and Uke. Our students showed this in their tests, and the dojo is very proud of their commitment and accomplishment. We also thank Charles-san for his continued support of the dojo and for taking video of the tests.

Keep up the focus and good training. Build on what you learned and gained to reach this milestone and take it forward. Omedetou gozaimashita.


Andrew Blevins Sensei with Kei Izawa Sensei and instructor Stephen Shaw of Tanshinjuku.


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