Holiday Training

As I am getting the holiday (Thanksgiving/x-mas/new years) training schedule together for the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 I had a thought about the importance of keeping up your training during this busy time. I have always tried to not give my students a hard time for missing classes during this time, and the dojo schedule has changed a bit.

However, I always believe you need to keep up your normal training schedule during these times. Many great teachers have said that you must pick up your sword every day. If you do not use it you may lose it. There is a happy medium to balancing your life with dojo practices and we don’t want to many friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, spouses and family upset with you disappearing during the special days. But, this is a time to share a special time with the dojo and its special practices if they have them to support the dojo and kick off the end of this year and the beginning of our next year of practices.

Keep that happy medium and training & enjoy safe holidays. I will be working on a new year training post here soon.

ps. I added some snow to the blog for a month or so =)


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